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Why Luxzen

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Best Antioxidant

The antioxidant effect that removes free radicals can be measured with Dissolved Hydrogen.
According to the measurement of the DH level of Luxzen for both cold and hot water, it recorded 1.99ppm (Max), which is the highest level in the world. No other company has released products that recorded such a high level of DH in 85℃ water.
In addition, the water was kept left in a water bottle for eight hours before the DH test result read over 1.5ppm. This means the dissolved hydrogen is physically and chemically stable.
Japanese customers who use hydrogen Luxzen water purifiers go to the office with hydrogen water in their water bottles and drink that water for the rest of the day.
In conclusion, Luxzen has been proven to provide hydrogen rich water that contains the world's highest level of antioxidants. 

  • Design Differentiation
    • Cold water (1.99 ppm max)
    • Hot water (1.99 ppm max)

    · More dissolved hydrogen, better antioxidant
    · World richest hydrogen water
    · Eligible to be kept in the botter

  • Measured for 10 glasses (200ml)

    Measured for 10 glasses (200ml)
  • Kept in 500ml pet w. cap closed

    Kept in 500ml pet w. cap closed
  • Kept in 500ml pet w. cap opened

    Kept in 500ml pet w. cap opened


    • LUXZEN cluster = 50~54 Hz
    • Smaller cluster, better absorbed


The water molecule cluster is the population of water molecules of 13 to 15 pieces in general water.
As a cluster size in Luxzen hydrogen water is about 50 to 54Hz, it proves that a few number of population of water molecules form a cluster and a substantial amount of dissolved hydrogen exists.
The cluster is easily observed in the body as it gets smaller, which makes antioxidant activity increased to delete the free radical.


pH values are important criteria for healthy water. Strong Acid or Alkaline Water is reported as medically unhealthy.
WHO recommends that the pH level of drinkable water shall be from 6.5 (light acid) to 8.5 (light alkaline).
Considering that our blood consists of 85% water and the blood has a pH level of 7.4, pH neutral water is good for our health. The pH values of Luxzen range from 6.8 to 7.4.


  • LUXEN maintains the same pH as of tap water
  • LUXEN provides blood like pH
  • WHO Standard = pH 6.5 ~ 8.5

Filtration Package

Hydrogen water is drinking water safe enough to be consumed by people. So above all, it should be clean.
Over the last 18 years, Luxzen has provided the best drinking water available to everyone by applying its unique optimum filtration package that is developed based on its expertise.
Luxzen filtration package is designed for consumers to easily handle with the filter.

  • Utmost Pure Water

    Customer-self Filter Exchange

  • 1. SEDIMENT Filter
    • Composed of sediment and activated carbon
    • Reduces sand, silt, sediment, rust and organic contaminants from the water
    2. PRE-CARBON Filter
    • Made of high quality activated carbon
    • Reduces chlorine taste and odors as well as conditions the water before treated by the RO membrane

    3. RO MEMBRANE Filter

    • The RO membrane is the work horse filter of your reverse osmosis system
    • Reduces impurities from the water down to 1/10000 of a micron, reducing arsenic lead, parasitic cysts, copper and more

    4. POST-CARBON Filter

    • Made of hign quality activated carbon
    • Crispens up the flavor and enhances the taste of the water

ORP (mV)

Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) is the activity of oxidizers and reducers.
The more positive (+) the potential, the greater the oxidation, and the more negative (-) the potential, the greater the reduction. ORP, however, is not a measurement of the antioxidants' effect.
It is important to note that dissolved hydrogen level shall be used.

  • ORP (mV)
    • LUXEN ORP = - 450~(mV)
    • Outstandingly strong reduction rate

Energy Savings & User Interface

Customers can select various options from Luxzen according to the geographical environment or seasons.
The options include cold water only, hot water only, and cold and hot water. Luxzen's User friendly interface easily shows the status of the hydrogen water preparation.

No Name Description
1 Cold Water Switch On/Off of Compressor
2 Hot Water Switch On/Off of Heater
3 Touch Display Panel Controls and displays functions
4 Water Nozzle Hot/Cold Water drain
5 Water Button Push button to drain water
6 Downspout Takes water drops
7 Hot Water Button Makes hot water ready to drop
8 Power/Hydrogen Button On/Off of power or Hydrogen generator
9 Power Saving Button Saves Electricity
10 Cold Water Button Makes cold water ready to drop

Certification of Safe and Pure

Enclosed is the certification of Luxzen’s safety and purity.

  • Certification of Safe and Pure
  • Safety (Certificated of PSE, ISO, KS and Q)
    • Applied relief valve sensing pressure
    • Designed for child protection from hot water
  • Certification of Safe and Pure
  • Purity (Certificates of water purity)
    • Optimized Filtration
    • Circulation through extra filter
    • Hand-touch free nozzle design
    • Full stainless tanks