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Hydrogen Water expertise

JN’s Tech,
eco-friendly enterprise,
makes healthier world.


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  • Greetings
  • Welcome to the JN's Tech website.

    Thank you for visiting.
    Since its inception, JN's Tech has designated water, air, and light as our business scope and has been developing living and home appliances that are essential to our health and eco-friendly lives. We are specialists in environmentally friendly living and health. 

    Our company has reaped continuous success backed by customer support. We have acquired patents for hydrogen water technologies to remove free radicals, developed hydrogen water purifiers, strengthened our lineup for living and environmental appliances such as high quality bidets and personal oxygen generators, and developed and sold Luxzen interior lighting.

    Now, together with our customers, JN’s Tech is beginning to take the second leap forward, building upon the achievements we have made so far.

    We established a R&D center, the H&O Science Forum, in 2006 to expand our eco-friendly business and to reinvent our designs. We do our best to reach out to our customers through diversifying our sales channels.

    In 2012, we started exporting the world’s best second generation hydrogen water purifier to Japan. We entered into China market since 2015 and U.S.A market since 2018. We strive to become a global well-being company through diversification of market/partners.

    In addition, we have renewed our vision as a “Specialized hydrogen water provider” that provides the world’s best hydrogen water.

    JN’s Tech will not be satisfied with our current achievements and will always remember our first days of business. We will commit our utmost efforts to become a company that offers you the best values and happiness.
    Thank you.

    Hong-Hun Yoo, CEO