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Hydrogen Water expertise

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On top of hydrogen water's effect, the importance of clean drinkable water can never be overemphasized.
It is thus imperative that the device is designed to prevent pollution from long term use and produce reliable hydrogen water.
The nozzle that distributes the hydrogen water is designed to avoid any contact with human hands.

Design Differentiation

  • Design Differentiation
    • B/W Color combination
    • Rounding Edges
    • Harmonize w. surroundings
  • Design Differentiation
    • Unify hot/cold water nozzle
    • No hand touch
    • Prevent contamination
  • Design Differentiation
    • Digital Display Touch Sensor
    • Easy to know the status
  • Design Differentiation
    • Apply Clean Room Door
    • Remote nozzle from the drink lever
    • Prevent Contamination