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Hydrogen Water expertise

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After 8 years of R&D, JN's Tech successfully released the Hydrogen water purifier that can offer the world's best Dissolved Hydrogen (DH).
This purifier provides hydrogen rich water of DH 1.99ppm (Max) for both hot and cold water.

This was enabled by adopting our own Hydrogen Generator and Circulation System, for which we have acquired patents for their unique technology. We have core Know-how and expertise behind this technology.

  • Hydrogen Generator
  • Hydrogen Generator

    • Produces pure hydrogen by using polyelectrolyte technology
    • Controls hydrogen quantity
    • Unique and own technology
    • Patent registered
  • Continual Circulation
  • Continual Circulation

    • Highest content of dissolved hydrogen in water
    • Maintains constant hot/cold temperature
    • Reliable from contaminants
    • Patent registered